Explore more to get in touch with your passion and nature. Viking products are dedicated to anyone who is looking for a connection with nature and enjoys traversing unobvious paths. Viking is distributed by Baroody Group. Go to official website


For over than 30 years, Technogym endeavored to spread the culture of healthy living and good shape around the world. Technogym is today the leading company in the Wellness and Fitness field presented in over than 100 countries and over 35 million people use our products around the world. Technogym is the official sponsor for the Olympic Game since 2000. Technogym is distributed by Baroody Group since 2007. Go to official website


Established in 1928, Speedo is a leading competitive swim wear, it’s the world’s number 1 brand that won the most gold medals in competitions. Speedo is distributed by Baroody Group since 2000. Go to official website

Russel Athletic

Founded in 1902 The company supplied jersey uniforms and apparel for many professional sports teams Distributed by Baroody group since 2017 Go to official website


American Footwear Company founded by Clark Matis, Randy Merrell, and John Schweizer in 1981 as a maker of high-performance hiking boots. Moreover, Merrell manufactures active lifestyle footwear’s for adventurers. Merrell is exclusively distributed by Baroody Group since 2016. Go to official website


Tecnifibre is a French manufacturer of sporting equipment, specializing in tennis and squash founded in 1979. Throughout its development, Tecnifibre has built itself a worldwide reputation in the tennis and squash market, releasing rackets, bags, strings, apparel and other accessories. Tecnifibre is one of the oldest brands that was distributed by Baroody Group. Go to official website


An Austrian company founded in 1924, Fischer has been known for its innovation in the fields of Alpine and Nordic Ski. Distributed by Baroody Group since 2010. Go to official website


Dunlop sport is a British company, which entered the sporting market in 1910. Dunlop has established an image of quality reliable products over the years, with some of the world's leading professionals in tennis, squash, table tennis, and golf, endorsing the brand. Dunlop is the oldest brand with Baroody Group, distributed since 1931. Go to official website


OUTDOOR CLOTHING AND PROTECTIVE TRAVEL GEAR Craghoppers is an outdoor clothing and protective travel manufacturer and supplier that was founded in 1965. Go prepared and get the most from your adventure. That’s the ethos behind Craghoppers. In 2008 Craghoppers partnered up with TV's survival expert Bear Grylls. In October 2014 Craghoppers became an exclusive National Geographic's licensed apparel partner for North America. In 2013, Craghoppers joined the European Outdoor Conservation Association. In February 2015, the firm introduced a fleece made from recycled plastic bottles. Go to official website


Founded in 1919, Champion is an American manufacturer of clothing, specializing in sportswear. Champion pioneered a heavy-duty cotton, which it patented as Reverse-weave, and manufactured sweatshirts primarily for athletes. Champion sweatshirts were only the earliest of several industry innovations-including the first hooded sweatshirts etc. Distributed by Baroody Group since 2008. Go to official website