Our History

  • Established

    The roots go back to Benjamin Baroody who was the founder of Baroody Bros., with his brother Anis Baroody. The first location was in “Souk El Jamil” behind Beb Idriss. From its origin, the scope of business is in export and import.


  • Buick Car Gift

    To celebrate their target reach of 1 Million dollars in sale, Baroody Group received a Buick Car as a gift from “Holeproof Hosiery Company”.


  • Ideal Cream

    The brand Ideal cream was manufactured and distributed by the pharmacist Bechara Baroody in his pharmacy in “Sahet el Bourj” along with his cousin Toufic Haddad.


  • Relocated

    Moved to Souk El Tawile.


  • New Management

    As a second generation Raja Baroody took over the management of the company along with his cousin Emile Chucri Baroody


  • MEA & TV Ad

    – Baroody products were sold on board of MEA.
    – We placed our first ad on “Tele Liban” when it started broadcasting. Who doesn’t remember “Abou Melhem” who used to drink “Maxwell House” coffee and would describe it as “Delicious, delicious to the last drop”, he would then light his cigarette using a “RONSON” lighter and would describe it as “The lighter that never fails”


  • New Management

    Nadim Baroody took over the family business


  • Jello and Tang

    Baroody started the manufacturing and distribution of the General food products, Tang and Jello


  • Relocated

    Baroody moved to its headquarters in Mkalles


  • New Name

    Baroody Group was established


  • Sports Business

    Baroody Group became a major player in the sports field


  • New Member on-board

    Emile Nadime Baroody joined the family business, and took charge of the sports business


  • New Member on-board

    Kamal Nadim Baroody joined the family business, and took charge of the fashion, lifestyle, and luxury gifts department


  • Retail Business

    Baroody entered the retail business and opened their first Sports 4ever branch


  • Sports 4ever

    Baroody expanded its retail network to Jordan through flagship stores & Sports 4ever under its moto “One Spirit, One Team, One Goal…”


  • 100 Years

    Baroody celebrated its 100 years as one of the leading trade and representation companies in the Levant region


  • New Brands

    Baroody consolidated its portfolio by adding new brands and expanding its retail network to include 14 stores across the region


  • 107 years

    107 years in wholesale, 13 years in retail and a bright future ahead…