Baroody Group s.a.l. is a distributor and sole distributor of several brands across several categories, ranging from sportswear, sports equipment, fashion and lifestyle products, cosmetics, accessories and luxury gift items.

At Baroody Group we offer our clients turnkey solutions while maintaining the highest levels of quality, customer service and support.




Baroody Group s.a.l. has been a major player in the sports field since 1927.

Today we cover today the whole territory and find the best means to ensure the products are available in specialized outlets, shops, wellness centers, and gyms.

Our team is driving the success of the company, in terms of building awareness with all the marketing campaigns we are running, sponsorships of associations, and events.

Our Sports product ranges covers: apparel, footwear, sports accessories, gym equipment, skiing, and outdoor gear, swimsuits, rackets, indoor games, bicycles, and much more.

For more info, please visit our Sports 4ever page www.sports-4ever.com




Baroody Group s.a.l. provides a wide range of products delivering the latest trends of fashionable swimsuits, apparel, footwear and accessories that add elegance and charm to the consumers’ way of life. We work to embody the interests, attitudes, and aspirations of customers, to deliver the latest trends and styles that suit all tastes and reach a wide range of people.

For more info, please visit our Sports 4ever page www.sports-4ever.com




Baroody Group s.a.l. has more than 100 years of experience in the cosmetic field.

Our cosmetic products range cover: Soaps, Hand and body creams, lightening creams, sunscreen creams, day and night creams, triple effect creams, lift day and nights, deodorants, body sprays and perfumes.

Our products are available in many high-end beauty shops, pharmacies, and supermarkets.

For More info please visit our website www.idealcream.com




Baroody Group s.al.l is well known in the sales and distribution of luxury gifts that would add a style to men and women whether have classic or modern tastes.

Our products range cover: Smoking Accessories from Lighters, Cigar Leather Cases, Humidors, Cabinets, Pipes and Pipe tools, jewelry boxes, watch boxes, pen boxes, pens, chess, backgammon, and cufflinks found in specialized retail stores.