Yardley London

Yardley London is a famous luxury fragrance and soap brand that was born in England in 1770. Today's Yardley London embodies this rich and wonderful heritage with pride. Yardley create exquisite luxury items for discerning customers all over the world, carrying on a tradition and lineage that other perfumery houses can only aspire to. The fragrance is what defined Yardley London for nearly 400 years, with its heady and seductive scent, lavender has remained their signature scent. Yardley is distributed by Baroody Group since 1998. Go to official website


Rasasi Perfumes Industry LLC, is a family owned business that was founded in 1979 in Dubai. Over the last three decades, the company has been built on a solid foundation of pioneering entrepreneurial vigor creating some of the best and the most exclusive fragrances which have established a worldwide reputation for quality, luxury and elegance. Rasasi is distributed by Baroody Group since 1990. Go to official website

Milton Lloyd

Founded in 1919, Champion is an American manufacturer of clothing, specializing in sportswear. Champion pioneered a heavy-duty cotton, which it patented as Reverse-weave, and manufactured sweatshirts primarily for athletes. Champion sweatshirts were only the earliest of several industry innovations-including the first hooded sweatshirts etc. Distributed by Baroody Group since 2008. Go to official website


IDEAl is a brand that follows the international standards of the modern world of cosmetology and international standards. IDEAL meets customer’s expectations in terms of quality and uniqueness in caring for the oriental skin since 1950. IDEAL is manufactured by Ste. Bechara Baroody SARL and distributed worldwide by our sister company Baroody Bros SAL. Go to official website


Enchanteur is a range of fine quality French-inspired fragrances and fragrance-enhanced toiletries for the young, romantic and elegant female. Enchanteur is distributed by Baroody Group since 2014. Go to official website